Tips for buyers

It often raises questions if one likes to get a horse of an extraordinary horse breed like the Peruvian Paso.


Regrettably the answers are barely found in the riding stables next door, but in stead many miles away so often they are not found. For that reason potential buyers need some encouragement.


To inform yourself, you can read various books and magazines, especially from Peru and the USA, just as you can obtain really interesting videos and DVD’s. In our extensive information leaflet “Tips to buy a Peruvian Paso" we have mentioned some examples.


Furthermore we want to focus your attention on some points you have to take into consideration when you want to buy a Peruvian Paso.



If you already have gathered substantial information about the Peruvian Paso and maybe have made a test ride already, it won’t take long until you will own your first Paso Peruano.