The Peruvian Paso

Pitufina AG - Petra Mühlburger
Pitufina AG - Petra Mühlburger


The origins of the Peruvian horse are traced back to Andalusians and Barbs, brought to Peru by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century. Over 400 years of selective breeding gave origine to this wonderful breed.



The Peruvian horse is a medium-sized horse ranging from 14 to 15.2 hands. The head has a straight or slightly concave profile with well shaped ears that have fine slightly inwardly curved tips. The nostrils extend easily and the eyes are expressive, and well set apart. Compared with most light breeds, the neck is slightly heavier in proportion to the body but gracefully arched. The croup is moderately sloped, and nicely rounded with a low tail set that is carried straight, quiet, and close to the buttocks. The chest is wide with moderate muscling. The girth and barrel are deep.



The breed is said to combine qualities which may be considered "contradictory." He is very high-spirited - though easy to handle while loose and relaxed in his movements. He has sparkling, brilliant action in the forelegs - yet he is extremely smooth and sure-footed. He has a refined appearance - yet he is powerful. The willing spirit, called "brio," demonstrates itself in numerous ways when asking the horse to perform. It means intelligent; spirited yet docile with great dignity and presence, almost an arrogance. The Peruvian horse is extremely gentle and loves people.



With its four-beat lateral gait, called paso llano, the Peruvian horse gives its rider the smoothest ride in the world. The execution of the gait trends slightly to the laterals particularly with increasing speed. The forelegs of the Peruvian are rolled towards the outside as the horse moves forward, this spectacular and natural motion is called "termino." The gait of the horse is passed 100% to its offspring.. While other horses are trained to emulate the al-most-prancing gait of the Peruvian, it is a natural, inbred quality in these horses.



For its the beauty, smooth gait and willing temperament the Peruvian Paso Horse is a very versatile horse. It can be seen in the show ring, on the trails, at play days and on exhibitions, or as the family riding horse.